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Jargon Guides

Each of the items listed below is a jargon-related page which can be linked to from any other page in the Wiki. Most of the pages are simple definitions of the appropriate term.

Detailed suggestions on how best to add and edit Jargon-related information can be found at Help:Jargon.

Basically, each term gets its own page so the individual definitions can be found easily with a simple keyword search. Then, to please/facilitate those who enjoy reading and learning from FAQ-like Jargon Guides, such pages can be set up using transclusion to call the definitions from the individual Jargon-term definition-pages.

The basic definitions can also be pulled into any other page, such as an article which starts with a basic definition of a subject, and then expands and moves forward from there. For examples of this, see the LaTeX definition and LaTeX, and Page Details definition and Page Details articles.


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