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These projects are no longer used at Distributed Proofreaders

Newcomers Only projects are (usually EASY) projects that have been set aside for our newest volunteers. These books contain most of the elements proofers need to deal with most frequently, such as "spacey quotes" and other wonky punctuation, a few diacritical marks here and there, an occasional "unclothed" dash or hyphen, and scannos you can really sink your teeth into.

New volunteers in P1 are asked to start with a beginners only project, but a Newcomer project is a lovely next step. Some Newcomers Only projects have page limits per proofreader. Please be sure to read through the Project Comments to determine the page limit before beginning.

Once a Newcomers project has been completed in P1, it is changed into a "Rapid Review" project for P2. These projects release quickly into P2. Experienced P2 proofers complete that round allowing for rapid turnaround. In many cases, each proofer who worked on the book in P1 will get individual PMs after P2, collecting and presenting all the diffs on all the pages they worked on. If individual PMs are not generated, the new proofreaders who worked on the project in round P1 are informed that their "diff files" for the project are ready, and they are giving instructions on how to check their diffs, and ask questions about and interpret them.

Depending on the availability of Newcomers Only projects, they are released in the queue to keep 2 projects available at any one time. The goal is to keep the turnaround time down so feedback is timely for the newcomers. Note to Project Managers with P1 PM queues submitting Newcomers Only projects: please put the line "(nopmq)" without the quotes as the first line of the project instruction. The NO queue is set to release no more than two NO projects at a time, so PMs with P1 queues should make sure their projects don't release through their PM queue and only throught the NO queue.