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NotePad is an inexpensive ($9.95) graphic music engraving program. Based on the professional engraving program Finale, it offers an easy way to transcribe sheet music. However, it has a number of limitations, including the number of staves available (8) and the types of expressions available. Users of NotePad are also limited to one verse of lyrics in songs. More information about NotePad can be found on the Music Guidelines page.

The PG Finale Project was a way of transcribing music for DP using the Finale family of programs. In particular, it took advantage of the fact that NotePad was a free download for Windows and Mac OS systems. NotePad's limitations were accommodated by a second round in which people with a paid version could add elements of notation not available in NotePad. The PG Finale project is now dormant.

Finale NotePad is not to be confused with Windows Notepad (note the different spelling), a basic text editor available in all Microsoft Windows systems since Windows 95.