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Formatting is the process of adding markup for italics, boldface, SMALL CAPITALS, chapter and section headers, footnotes, etc., to a project. Formatting of a project's individual pages is performed in rounds F1 and F2. Other, more project-wide, formatting is done in the PP stage.

See also foofing, and compare to proofreading.

List of tags

This is a list of tags that are added to pages by formatters.

HTML Type Tags

Tag Closing tag Use
<b> </b> For bold text.
<f> </f> Used to indicate a change of font within a paragraph or line of normal text. Use this markup to identify any special font or other formatting, except bold, italic, small capped, and spaced out text, which have their own tags.
<g> </g> For s p a c e d  o u t  text.
<i> </i> For italicised text.
<sc> </sc> For text in small capitals.
<tb> none thought break
<u> </u> For underlined text. Underlined text is normally formatted using the italics tags, <i> and </i>; however some project managers require the use of these tags.

Square Bracket tags

Square bracket tags are always terminated by a closing bracket (]).

Tag Use
[** For proofreading comments, placed after the asterisks and before the closing ].
[Blank Page] Used for a page with no text.
[Footnote #: For footnotes, usually at the bottom of a page. The footnote text is placed between the colon and the closing ], and the footnote number or letter placed where the # is shown in the tag.
[Illustration] For an illustration with no caption.
[Illustration: For an illustration with a caption. The caption text is placed between the colon and the closing ].
[Sidenote: For sidenotes, the text of the note is placed between the colon and the closing ].


Tag Closing tag Use
/* */ These markers ensure that individual lines are not rewrapped during post-processing. They are used to enclose poetry, tables, tables of contents, and lists.
/# #/ Used to enclose block quotations.
^ none Used to mark superscripts. In scientific & technical works, format superscripted characters with curly braces { and } surrounding them, even if there is only one character superscripted.
_ none Used to mark subscripts. Subscripted text is surrounded with curly braces { and }.