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Guiguts is a tool designed to speed and simplify every phase of post-processing an e-text. For help using the program, see the manual for your version:

To acquire and install Guiguts, see PPTools/Guiguts/Install.

At heart, Guiguts is a simple text editor. You open a file; you scroll the text to view it; you change the text by selecting, cutting, pasting and overtyping using familiar commands and keystrokes; then you save the file.

Under this modest exterior, Guiguts has many special features designed to speed your work as a post-proofer, such as built-in searches for stealth scannos (the common OCR text errors), automatic moving and renumbering of footnotes, and automatic generation of HTML that complies with PG standards. To report bugs or request new features, see Guiguts Enhancements.