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dpscans is a special directory on the DP server, accessible via the Remote File Manager. (Accessed via the script: http://www.pgdp.net/c/tools/project_manager/remote_file_manager.php)

Content Providers, OCR Pool volunteers, Project Managers, and others upload zip files to their dpscans folders. These zips may contain images, text, illustrations, and occasionally music files to be loaded into projects.

Once all the project files are ready, the PM "loads" the files from his or her dpscans subfolder into the project itself. This copies the files into the active project database and means that the "original" files in dpscans can now be deleted.

Before June of 2010, access to dpscans was via ftp. After malware-infected files were found in dpscans, ftp access was disabled, and a basic script was provided. The script has been enhanced, and was released in November of 2015 as Remote File Manager.

(This is a brief overview; a squirrel could give a much more technically accurate and detailed description.)

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