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All well-designed systems have feedback mechanisms built into them, and the DP Workflow system is no exception in this regard. Accordingly, there are many kinds of feedback that are exchanged between volunteers here at DP.

  • One of the first types of feedback a new volunteer at DP is likely to receive, and the kind most likely to be the type being referred to when you see the word "feedback," will come from a mentor via the beginners only projects and/or the DP-feedback mechanisms, through which experienced proofreaders send detailed and constructive comments to proofreaders regarding what they did correctly and incorrectly (with respect to the Guidelines) on specific pages in specific projects, and on ways that the proofreaders can learn to become even better proofreaders.
  • As project pages progress through the rounds, each successive proofer and foofer may be creating diffs which can serve as feedback to the previous proofer or foofer. This is the primary mechanism by which proofers in Newcomers Only projects receive feedback.
  • PP Mentors give feedback to new PPers; HTML Mentors give help and feedback to PPers who are new to HTML; and one of the PPVers' primary tasks is to give feedback to PPers.

In addition to these relatively formalized and routine feedback mechanisms, any volunteer can ask for feedback on any issue, question, procedure, etc., in a project thread or any other place in the DP Forums which may seem to be appropriate.