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A difficulty level classification of BEGINNERS ONLY, EASY, AVERAGE or HARD is assigned to every Distributed Proofreaders (DP) project to indicate its overall difficulty.

WHERE Difficulty Level is displayed

A Distrubuted Proofreaders (DP) project's difficulty level is displayed:

  • in each round's Project List, under the Genre column NOTE: Any project without a difficulty level listed in the Genre column is an AVERAGE difficulty level project.
  • in its Project Comments, under the Difficulty section

HOW Difficulty Level is determined

A Distributed Proofreaders (DP) project's difficulty level is determined by the project's Project Manager (PM).

  • Note to Proofreaders and Formatters -- Because the difficulty level classification of a project is a judgment call made by the Project Manager (PM), individual proofreaders or formatters may not find a particular EASY project to be easy or a particular HARD project to be hard. Therefore, proofreaders and formatters are encouraged to consider volunteering for any project that interests them. If a particular project is too simple or too difficult, simply return the page to the round and choose another project.


The difficulty level classifications for Distributed Proofreaders (DP) projects, ranked easiest to hardest, are:

beginners only

The beginners only project difficulty level classification is assigned to projects reserved for Distributed Proofreaders's (DP's) newest proofreading volunteers.


A Distributed Proofreaders (DP) project is given a difficulty level classification of EASY when it meets the following criteria:

  • clear OCR text
  • single-column text
  • few, if any, footnotes
  • little, if any, indented text (poetry, block quotations, etc.)
  • no TeX or other specialized markup (custom tags, entities, etc.)
  • no characters outside of Basic Latin (such as greek, miscellaneous symbols, etc.)
  • no difficult typography (black letter, long s (f), etc.)
  • no large portions of text in another language
  • no sidenotes


A Distributed Proofreader (DP) project is classified as AVERAGE if it isn't classified as BEGINNERS ONLY, EASY or HARD.


A Distributed Proofreader (DP) project is classified as HARD for one or more of the following reasons: