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A table of information about all the individual pages in a project is referred to as the project's Page Details.

The Page Details information for a project can be viewed by clicking on one of these links on the Project Page:

  • Images, Pages Proofread, & Differences: shows details for all the pages in the project
  • Just my pages: shows only your DONE and IN PROGRESS pages in the project (useful for projects with lots of pages)
  • Detail Level 4 (link at the top and bottom of the Project Page): shows the project's Page Details below the Project Comments on the Project Page

As shown in the illustration below, each row on the Page Details table contains information about one page in the project and contains links to the original image/scan for the page (identified by PNG number, original OCR text, the proofed/formatted text after each round, and a "diff" file for each stage where the page text was changed. To view a particular file, just click on its link.

The Page Details information is customized for each individual DPer. Files you worked on will display with one of three colored backgrounds. DONE pages which you can no longer edit will display with red backgrounds; this is usually because the project has moved into a subsequent round. IN PROGRESS pages will have orange backgrounds and DONE pages available for re-editing will have green backgrounds. (These colors match the colors of the related headers on the Project Page, where your last five pages of both types are shown.) Just click on the link in the Edit column to do further work on those pages. The Proofing Interface will load, and the page will be reopened for editing.

Rows for pages you worked on will also have links to allow you to PM other DPers who worked on the page in other rounds. These can be quite handy if you'd like to give or get feedback on a particular project and/or page.

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