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Each project is assigned a genre by its Project Manager. Each project's genre will display on its Project Page, and in the Genre column of the Project List on each round's "home" page.

There are approximately eighty different genres from which a PM can choose, but they can basically be classed into two categories: form-oriented genres, and subject-oriented genres.

  • The form-oriented genres describe the form or structure of the project's text. Examples of this type of genre include Bibliography, Correspondence, Essay, Periodical, Poetry, etc. There is also a Mixed Form genre which indicates that the project uses more than one form.
  • The subject-oriented genres, which are much more numerous than the form-oriented genres, describe the subject or content of the project's text. The subject genres range from Adventure to Zoology, with Other being a choice as well.

As you might imagine, a given project can fit into multiple genres, including a form-oriented genre and at least one subject-oriented genre. For example, The Life, Letters and Work of Frederic Leighton (1 of 2) (1906)could conceivably go in Art, Biography, Mixed Form (correspondence, illustrations, essays, etc.), and the generic Non-fiction genres, and possibly others. A PM can assign only one genre to a project, however.

Different PMs will make the choice between multiple possible genres for a particular project in different ways. Some may choose to never use form-oriented genres. Some may always use the "more generic" genres such as Non-fiction or Other when having trouble choosing between more specific options. Some PMs will try to have their projects as widely-distributed across the genres as possible, choosing the genre in which they currently have the least presence. Other PMs will choose between alternative genres by picking the option which puts the project into the shortest release queue.

Thus, when looking for a project which deals with a certain subject, it is helpful to keep in mind that projects on that subject will likely be "scattered" throughout many different genres.

Queue Genre Categories

Here are the Genre Queue Categories

These are the currently available Genre options for Projects:

  • Adventure
  • Agriculture
  • Animals
  • Anthropology
  • Archaeology
  • Architecture
  • Art
  • Astronomy
  • Autobiography
  • Bibliography
  • Biography
  • Biology
  • Business
  • Chemistry
  • Collection
  • Comics
  • Cooking
  • Correspondence
  • Crafts
  • Diary
  • Dictionary
  • Drama
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Encyclopedia
  • Engineering
  • Essay
  • Folklore
  • General Fiction
  • Geography
  • Geology
  • Grammar
  • Health
  • Historical Fiction
  • History
  • Horror
  • Horticulture
  • Humor
  • Instructional
  • Juvenile
  • Law
  • Linguistics
  • Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Medicine
  • Military
  • Mixed Form
  • Music
  • Musicology
  • Mystery
  • Mythology
  • Natural Science
  • Nature
  • Non-Fiction
  • Periodical
  • Philosophy
  • Physics
  • Picture Book
  • Poetry
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Recreation
  • Reference
  • Religious
  • Romance
  • Satire
  • Science
  • Science Fiction
  • Short Story
  • Sociology
  • Speech
  • Spirituality
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Veterinary
  • Western
  • Zoology