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Some DP volunteers meet regularly in Jabber conference rooms to participate in group activities such as groofing and foofing, as well as to generally socialise. Others prefer to use the DP forum for the same purposes.

Along the way a rather idiosyncratic culture has built up.


A number of acronyms such as AFAIK, IIRC, and OTOH are commonly used in the chat rooms. Wiktionary has a list of many of these. One notable exception is TIA which usually mean Thanks In Advance, but does not at Distributed Proofreaders.


The currency of choice in the DP chat rooms. A plate of freshly cooked bacon is always welcome.


Some of the volunteers use animal form as avatars and are referred to in the jabber chatrooms by reference to these animals. There are llamas, tigers, dogs, a fox, birds, a cat with wings and a monkey. All of them seem to enjoy bacon although there are some specific deviations from this. The winged cat can be appeased by a portion of shark and the monkey is always in need of extra bananas. As general manager of DP volunteer ldavies is often referred to as the zoo keeper.

Duct tape

Pretty much any problem can be solved by the application of sufficient duct tape, but on DP it's often used to keep volunteers with unreliable internet connections in the chat rooms.

Furniture and Jabber Geography

The jabber room is also known as the proofing lounge and therefore it is taken for granted that normal lounge furniture is available. In addition, the 'lounge' has a bacon settle and a few trees (a banana tree, a banyan tree and a "lemming" tree (which produces "lemming" fruit--similar in taste and texture to mangoes but definitely not mangoes ;) )). Out back of the lounge is a newly installed swimming pool and sauna as well as a Mayan themed smoke house (for smoking bacon) and matching pyramid with life saving tower. Below the lounge is a basement where participants can go to retrieve any item that they require which is not already in the room.


Some of the Jabber regulars are fans of LOLcats. Yes, you can has cheezburger, especially if it comes with extra bacon.

Search and Replace

Some DP volunteers are UNIX gurus, and many are familiar with the use of Regular expressions. The jargon s/foo/bar/ comes from the UNIX text editors vi and ed and is often used in the chat rooms when someone wants to show they've made a mistake in a previous message. Eg:

I'm a grammar Nazi, but people seem to hate it when I correct all they're mistakes!
Err. s/they're/their/