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Finding the Search Box

On every page there is a search box. The location depends on the theme you've chosen in your preferences. To search, enter your search term and click either "Go" or "Search."

"Go" versus "Search"

When using the Search box, click on - "Go" if you'd like to go directly to the page with that title (if that page exists) or - "Search" if you'd like a listing of all the page titles and pages that contain that your search term.

Where to Search

Search can search through several sections of our information wiki. You can set what main areas to search in the Search section of your Preferences. If you want to narrow or expand the search area, simply click on the Search button without entering anything in the Search Box. Then click on "Advanced" and a search page will appear in which you can enter your search term(s) and the areas of the wiki that you'd like to search.

Search Terms -- What to put in the Search box

Case-insensitive Search

Search is not case-sensitive so "Proofreading" and "PROOFREADING" will yield the same results.

Finding the Exact word

If you enter a word such as "inter" you may find pages that include words such as "inter-governmental" and "Inter Milan." However, if you type "inter" in the Search box, you will not find pages that include "interaction" or "interface." In the same way, a search for "book" would find only pages that included "book," "Book," or "book-case," etc.


Search Term: book

Would Find: pages that included "book", "book-shelf," "Book," etc.

Would not Find: books, bookshelves, etc.

Finding a portions of words

If you'd like your search to locate pages with words that do not exactly match the word you entered in the Search box, you should use a wildcard such as * -- for example, if you wanted to find pages that included the words, "interaction" or "interface," you'd type "inter*" in the Search box and press the Search button.


Search Term: book*

Would Find: pages that included "book", "book," "bookshelf," etc.

Finding an Exact Phrase

If you want to find an exact phrase, surround that phrase by quotes.


Search Term: "book seller"

Would Find: pages that included "book seller" or "book seller-buyer" (with any capitalization).

Would not Find: book sellers, book sellerstores

Searching for a Hyphenated Word

If you try searching for a hyphenated word like dp-format your results will include many irrelevant pages. To reduce the number of irrelevant results you can enter the search term in quotes.


Search Term: dp-format

Would Find: pages that include "dp-format" or "dp" or "format"

Search Term: "dp-format"

Would Find: pages that include "dp-format" or "dp format"

Would not Find: dp or format in other contexts

Searching for Multiple Words

If you want to find pages that contain two or more particular words, enter them in the search box. The search will return matches that contain all the words you've listed.


Search Term: PPV mentor proofreading

Would Find: pages that included all of the above words, PPV, mentor, and proofreading

Would not Find: pages that included only PPV or mentor or proofreading.

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