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Jargon Guides

Organizations and specialized activities develop their own sets of specialized terminology, or jargon, and DP is no exception to that. Accordingly, we have developed some FAQ-like Jargon Guides you can access in order to learn some of our lingo.

The LONG DP Jargon Guide, and the Jargon Guides related to The Guidelines, User Roles, and Workflow contain acronyms and terms you will likely encounter as a new volunteer at DP.

Other Jargon Guides contain terms that are a bit more specialized. The Group Activities Jargon Guide will become especially relevant to you if you start using Jabber. The remaining Jargon Guides shown in the Jargon Navigator box relate to the specific activities mentioned in their titles.

If you come across an acronym or term that isn't mentioned in one of these Jargon Guides, please ask about it in one of the DP forums.

Detailed suggestions on how best to add and edit Jargon-related information can be found at Help:Jargon.

Wiki jargon uses terms related to wikis' needs. A wiki is a collaborative website.


Jargon Guides

A call is markup used in transclusion to pull information into the current wiki article from some other article or template. This technique promotes efficiency and consistency in the Wiki since the information in question will not be entered (and need to be updated) separately on multiple articles.

CSS: Cascading Style Sheets

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is an open technical standard created by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) as a way to define formatting aspects of a Web (HTML) page (among other things). Using CSS, one can control anything from the fonts and colors used to the design of complex layouts.

DP uses CSS when creating HTML versions of e-books which are posted to PG.

Discussion/Talk page

See Talk/Discussion page.

DP Wiki

The DP Wiki is this document you are reading right now, and its brothers, sisters, children, cousins, parents, and other relations. As with any family, it is always growing and changing. What makes it so special is that you and every other DPer are what/who can make it grow and change.

In the DP Forums, the DP Wiki will often be referred to simply as "the Wiki."

For more information (of a less allegorical type), see DP Wiki. Also, compare to DPWiki.

external link

Links to resources outside the DP Wiki are referred to as external links, and can be inserted in Wikitext using a set of [single brackets]. Alternately, any explicit URL is enough; for example,

Compare to internal links and special internal links.

For more details about creating links on wiki pages, see the creating links section of the Editing help page.


As with regular internal links, an interlink is inserted into a wiki page using a set of [[double brackets]], or [[link destination|desired link display text]]. There are basically two types of interlinks:

  1. interwiki links
  2. special internal links, which can also be referred to as special wikilinks

internal link

Links to other pages within the same Wiki are referred to as internal links, or wikilinks, and are inserted into a wiki page using a set of [[double brakets]].

See also special internal links, and compare to external links.

For more details about creating links on wiki pages, see the creating links section of the Editing help page.

interwiki link

InterWiki is a facility for creating links to the many wiki sites on the World Wide Web. Users avoid pasting in entire URLs (as they would for regular web pages) and instead use a shorthand similar to links within the same wiki.

When the implementations simply substitute the InterWiki prefix with a full URL prefix, any non-wiki website can also be referred to using the system.




Recipe-books are wiki pages containing brief How-Tos on various subjects, that other DPers have found useful. You can find the currently existing recipe-books at Category:recipe-book. We hope that more recipes and more varieties of recipe will be added.



special internal links

Scripting shortcuts have been developed in wikis which allow links to content outside the wiki to appear in wiki pages as internal links instead of external links. These are called special internal links. In DP Wiki, these special internal links can be used to link to resources that are outside the DP Wiki, but still within the larger DP information system, and to PG e-texts.

Examples of special internal links in DP Wiki would include:

For more details about creating special links on wiki pages, see Linking to DP content housed outside DP Wiki and the creating links section of the Editing help page.


A stub is a very short wiki article that needs expanding.

Talk/Discussion page

A talk page is where DPers can have a discussion about that DPWiki article OR a personal talk page is where a DPer can create the equivalent of a blog ... if other people could edit your blog.

You can start a discussion about a DPWiki Article by clicking the link in the top grey bar: "Discussion". If no one has begun a discussion on this page yet, you will be asked to log in. If you click on "Discussion" and the page is already there, you will still have to log in to add your input.

Please pay attention to the how the Discussion is organized. Non-personal Talk Pages are

Usually threaded
People "sign" their posts TheEileen
People time stamp their posts 19:16, 11 February 2007 (PST)
Or both could be appreciated TheEileen 19:16, 11 February 2007 (PST)

You can start your own talk page by clicking on the "My Talk" link at the top of any page you are on. If you are not logged in it just says "Talk". Many people use it for many reasons. User_Talk:Name is the normal format for a personal talk page, at the end of the normal DPWiki url.

threaded talk


Transclusion is a method of building documents by using a call to pull information into the current document from some other document or template. This technique promotes efficiency and consistency since the information in question will not be entered (and need to be updated) separately in multiple places.

To see an example of transclusion used in DP Wiki, view the Edit window of any of the Jargon Guides or the LaTeX article.

For more details on transclusion in general, see Wikipedia's transclusion entry.


A wiki is a type of website that allows users to easily add, remove, or otherwise edit all content, very quickly and easily. This ease of interaction and operation makes a wiki an effective tool for collaborative writing.

The term wiki can also refer to the collaborative software itself (wiki engine) that facilitates the operation of such a website, or to certain specific wiki sites, including the computer science site (and original wiki), WikiWikiWeb, and the online encyclopedia Wikipedia. When used to refer to a specific site, such as DP Wiki, wiki is often capitalized.

The word wiki is a shorter form of wiki wiki (weekie, weekie) which is from the native language of Hawaii (Hawaiian), where it is commonly used as an adjective to denote something "quick" or "fast" (Hawaiian dictionary). In English, it is an adverb meaning "quickly" or "fast".

For a fuller description, see Wikipedia


A WikiGnome is a term borrowed from Wikipedia for a wiki user who makes small and useful edits without clamouring for attention. WikiGnomes work behind the scenes of a wiki, tying up little loose ends and making things run more smoothly. Examples of WikiGnome-like behavior include fixing typos, poor grammar, and broken links.

Many highly active wiki contributors exhibit WikiGnome-like behavior as part of their work, while others may limit themselves to only actual WikiGnome activity.

WikiGnomes are considered to be friendly and tend to know their way around the Wiki forest.

WikiGnomes love to work in the shadows (making what are called minor edits) in various nooks and corners of DP Wiki. Look at recent changes and you may even spot one (or you can cheat and look at the identified gnomes at Category:WikiGnomes).

Jargon Guides


Wikitext is a name used to refer to the text and markup syntax used in creating wiki pages.