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There are various kinds of mentoring that go on at DP. There is mentoring for new Project Managers, mentoring for new Post-Processors, and mentoring for Post-Processors who are new to HTML. There is mentoring done for P1ers and F1ers via the DP-feedback mechanism. There is also a team of volunteers who provide Formatting Mentoring who will work with F1ers who would prefer one-to-one assistance.

The most visible form of mentoring at DP, however, is the mentoring of new proofreading volunteers in which experienced proofers with "mentor status" proof mentors only projects in P2, in order to send detailed feedback via Private Message (PM) to the new volunteers who proofed the beginners only projects in P1. The PMs serve as the primary feedback mechanism for beginners who prefer this more-detailed, more full-service, type of mentoring approach.

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