Bureau of American Ethnology

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The Bureau of American Ethnology (BAE) was a government-sponsored organization in the United States that coordinated and reported anthropologic research in the Americas. See Wikipedia's article about the Bureau of American Ethnology for more in-depth information.

DP's preservation of BAE documents

The Bureau of American Ethnology's (BAE's) most notable publications, Annual Reports and Bulletins, have been harvested from scans available at gallica.bnf.fr and form a large group of projects in various stages at Distributed Proofreaders (DP).

The papers in these bulletins and reports were written by staff members at the BAE, including many early field anthropologists, as well as other collaborators supported by the BAE. Papers were written about physical findings, social and cultural traditions, and linguistic families, among other things.

The BAE projects in progress at DP tend to be a bit challenging, as they are often long, heavily footnoted and indexed, and contain many diacritical marks that are not part of DP's Basic Latin character suite, necessitating the use of not only the entire diacritical markup explained in the Proofreading Guidelines, but an extended set of markup. There are also some proofing and formatting conventions that apply to all BAE projects but which are not standard at DP; for instance, indexes in BAE projects are done differently than those in most DP projects. See individual Project Comments and the BAE UberProject thread for more information.

The Internet Archive has been acquiring scans. Both sources have color and grayscale jpg's. Eventually, all image scans will be incorporated into existing project files.