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Jargon Guides

On occasion, the phrase "complete sentence" can be used in Forum postings as a kind of shorthand reference to the "entire sentence or paragraph, ... phrase, title, or abbreviation" concept referred to in the (especially Formatting) Guidelines.

For example, you might see something like the following in a Forum post:

The closing italics tag () would go after the colon in "General Information:" since it's a complete sentence.

Use of the "complete sentence" phrase in this manner is discouraged because it is inaccurate (or at least, inexact), and can be confusing to new DPers since "General Information" is not a sentence in a grammatical sense. It has been suggested that either "complete entity" or "complete expression" might be better used to relatively-generically refer to the Guidelines' general concept of "entire sentence or paragraph, ... phrase, title, or abbreviation."