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These projects are no longer used at Distributed Proofreaders

A mentors only (also mentor) project is a Distributed Proofreaders (DP) project that is proofed in the P2 round by proofing mentors to provide feedback to DP's newest volunteers.

Mentors only projects are the "reincarnation" of beginners only projects from P1. Mentors proof pages in these projects as they would any other P2 project, and then send constructive feedback via PM to the P1ers whose pages they had processed. Once MENTOR projects finish their time in P2, they move on to the P3 release queue, and complete the rest of their time at DP following the same process as all other projects.

When all of a given book's parts are finished in F2, a friendly squirrel reassembles the book into a whole and it is made available to a post-processor.

See Mentoring for more information on the mentoring process and how to become a mentor.