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About Myself

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Myself, as seen by my then 6 year old son Joshua.

I am an active volunteer for Project Gutenberg for some 20 years, and one of the main providers of Dutch and Philippines related materials. I also initiated the Project Gutenberg of the Philippines as a Philippine sister of PG.

I am married with Rodelyn, who comes from the wonderful island of Bohol, the friendly heart of the Visayas in the Philippines, and have two sons, Joshua and Raphael, 18 and 14 years old at the time of writing. We live in the medium sized Dutch town of IJsselstein, a short distance from Utrecht, and very close to the geographical center of the Netherlands. Hence, we have a 366 meters high television tower almost in our backyard.

In my professional life, I am a software engineer, working on banking software for Triodos Bank, a Dutch bank founded to finance change and change finance. Before I worked with GE Healthcare IT, Shortcut, a small Dutch software company, Philips Medical Systems, Ericsson, and, for one and a half year with a small multimedia company in Gujarat, India. More details are available on LinkedIn.

I was educated at the University of Utrecht, from which I hold the equivalent of an M.Sc. in computer science.


  • Materials related to the Philippines (in any way) If you have any such book, I will be happy to PM and PP it.
  • Materials in Dutch. I am trying to build a basic collection of Dutch works, taking on me the following categories
    • Original Dutch literature, while trying to avoid duplication with the DBNL. In future, I actually want to include public domain material that is present in this collection, by scanning originals, doing just one round of proofreading, and then diff-ing with their materials to fix remaining issues.
    • Translated world literature, opening up the world's classics to a Dutch audience.
    • Translated Dutch literature, opening up the world's audience to Dutch classics.
    • Reference works, to serve as a seed for Wikipedia like projects.
    • Travel and Exploration.
    • De Aarde en haar Volken, my long running mega-project to digitize the first 57 years of this interesting magazine.
  • Travel, Exploration and history of colonialism in general.
  • Dictionaries
  • Anthropology
  • Biology, Animal and Plant life.
  • Science in general, and the popularization of science.


I will avoid books in the following categories unless the work is very important.

  • Religion (except when part of anthropological works, treated from a non-followers' point of view, or extremely curious. This is no absolute, as I did submit a complete Dutch Koran to PG.)
  • Poetry (it can't interest me, and the amount of work that goes into formatting is considerable.)

Roles within PGDP

  • Providing Content
  • Project Management
  • Post Processing
  • Direct Uploading

Fields of Expertise

  • Scanning: I am an active scanner, and have scanned over three hundred books.
  • Processing Graphics: I have considerable expertise with scanning illustrations and processing these in Photoshop.
  • HTML: I create HTML versions for all my projects, and develop websites.
  • TEI: As one of the TEI pioneers within PG, I create TEI master files for all my projects. Note that my TEI files do not conform to PGTEI. The reason is ninety percent history (I have over 800 TEI files following my conventions: converting them and testing the result is real work), and ten percent a difference in design philosophy.
  • XML and XSLT: Since I don't follow PGTEI, I am on my own. My XSLT tools to convert TEI to HTML and ePub are available from Github for those interested.
  • ePub and PDF: My Tei2Html conversion tools can also handle those: PDF with a little help of Prince XML
  • Revision Control Systems. If you need help with keeping track of large sets of files and the changes to them, I might be able to advise you. I currently use both Git and Bazaar at home; I also have experience with SVN, Clearcase and Perforce. I keep all my PG related work in a large Bazaar repository. (I cannot give public access to this repository, as it includes uncleared materials, mainly the various sources I use for background information.)
  • Cover Pages: Designing new cover pages for old books, using as much as possible only materials found in the book.


Jeroen Hellingman, Aletta Jacobsstraat 5, 3404 XD IJsselstein, The Netherlands.

Phone: +31 30 687 5444; Cell phone: +31 6 1340 5444. (Please mind the time-zone when calling me, I am in Middle European Time. I tend not to answer when caller id is blocked.)

If you have any questions, send me a personal message.


In Progress

It is my intention to list works in progress here. Corrections and additions are welcome. For the works I list here, I have a PG clearance, but not all are scanned yet. If you have a particular interest in one of the works, tell me. The years indicate the year of the copy I have at hand, and is not necessarily the first year a work appeared. A year in brackets is derived from library records.


My personal vanity lists... I will gradually add works I've contributed to (as CP, PM, or PP, or otherwise) for Project Gutenberg here.

Interesting Links

In User Space









  • The United States and its Territories. A large and interesting collection of books on US colonial expansion. Page images of over 5000 books.
  • Southeast Asia Visions. A nice selection of travelogues and descriptive works on Southeast Asia. Good quality page images.
  • Philippine eLib. An effort to digitize Philippines related works by the Philippine government and some major universities. Access to actual scans requires a paid subscription (PHP 1200 or about USD 25 per month), or affiliation with the supporting organization. Most scans are of rather low quality, and need to be checked for completeness. Includes a lot of materials hard to obtain otherwise, such as 19th century Tagalog novels. Includes both PD and copyrighted materials and the metadata is not always reliable.

Philippine Tarsier

The animal in my avatar is a Philippine Tarsier, a small "monkey" which occurs on the island of Bohol in the Philippines, as well as a few other Philippine islands.