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WordCheck is a tool for checking spelling and other details in the Proofreading Interface.

The WordCheck tool refined and expanded upon DP's previous spellchecking functionality in basically three inter-related areas:

  • page text is able to be checked in more than one language,
  • commonly occurring stealth scannos can be flagged for extra attention from proofers using bad word lists, and
  • a good word list of project-specific proper nouns and terminology can be specified so that correct spellings of those words will no longer be flagged for proofers.
  • punctuation characters are presented with a different background color.

A great deal of thanks is due to cpeel and jmdyck for all their work in making these frequently requested features a reality.

In the Standard proofreading interface, you can find the WordCheck button grouped with the other buttons below the proofreading window. In the Enhanced proofreading interface, the WordCheck button displays a picture of a page with a a blue "S" and checkmark: WordCheck.png

For more details, see: