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Word Lists are a component of the WordCheck tool that allow project managers to adjust which words are flagged by WordCheck beyond those words that are not found in the aspell dictionaries.

Word Lists are defined at two scopes:

  • site
  • project

Site word lists are designed to complement the aspell dictionaries directly. These include (or exclude) words that apply to all projects and can only be adjusted by a Site Administrator. Site word lists are stored on a per-language basis to parallel the aspell dictionaries. Because these lists apply to all projects, care is taken when adding words to these lists and only after some statistical analysis to confirm the words added are not likely scannnos.

Project word lists apply only at the project level. These lists are managed by the Project Manager, or possibly Project Facilitators. Several tools are provided to assist PMs and PFs in managing these word lists based on project text.

In addition, Word Lists come in two flavors at both scopes:

  • Good Word List -- words that are considered to be correctly spelled
  • Bad Word List -- correctly spelled words that are scannos for other words

A third flavor is only available at the site scope:

  • Possible Bad Word List -- words that have a high likelihood of being scannos; used only by the WordCheck PM tools

Site Word Lists

The active site word lists can be seen in the WordCheck FAQ. Wiki pages exist for people to make suggestions for site word lists:

For more information, see also WordCheck FAQ.