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What a PM will see.

On the Edit Project Page

At the bottom of the Edit Project Page below the text box for the Project Comments, PMs will see a link to the new Edit Project Word List page.

Edit Project Page with WordCheck annotations.png

Edit Project Word Lists Page

This screenshot shows what the Edit Project Word Lists Page looks like. This particular version shows all possible links. See WordCheck PM tools for a description of each link and information about when a link will be visible (in short: only when the linked-to page has data to show you).

Edit Project Word Lists.png

Suggestion tools

Each suggestion tool has the same basic layout. Each suggested words has a check box that can be selected, the frequency that the word occurs in the text, a link to show the word in context, and any applicable notes such as if the word is already on the Good Words List (GWL) or Bad Words List (BWL).

Words that occur fewer than 5 times in the text are not shown by default. This cutoff value can be adjusted using the linked numbers provided.

PMs can download the suggestions in a text file if they want to do offline analysis.

Show current flagged words.png

Context tool

The suggestion tools include a link to see the word in context. The context page has a frame showing the word in context of the current text and a link to see the page image. If the image link is selected, it is loaded into the second frame. The interface can be flipped from showing the frames in a vertical layout to showing them in a horizontal layout as well.

Show word context.png

On the Project Page itself

Project Page with WordCheck annotations.png

Everyone will see the links to the project's "Good Words" and "Bad Words" lists

On the PM "Home" Page

The exclamation.gif icon will appear on your PM "home" page if proofers have suggested words since you last updated the project's Good Words List. Clicking on the link will take you to the Suggestions from Proofers page.

You can use the Word Lists link to access the Edit Project Word Lists page directly.

PM Page Sample re WordCheck.png