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For Beginning PPers Looking for Mentors

Who are the PP Mentors?

The PP Mentors are experienced post-processors who are interested in helping new post-processors with their first project(s).

What do the Mentors do?

Your PP Mentor can help you most if you contact your Mentor even before you take on your first PP project. This way the Mentor can help you right from the beginning, e.g. in choosing a good first project, finding the right FAQ's and other documentation you might need and installing and setting up the tools. Your Mentor will also help you during the actual PPing, by answering any questions you might have. (That's why you should also remember, that there are no stupid questions! So no matter how silly your question may feel, if it puzzles you, it's a question worth asking!)

So, how can I get my very own Mentor?

You can find a list of volunteer Mentors on the PP Mentors page. You can choose which ever of them you like. Some PP Mentors also speak other languages than English, so you might also be able to find help in your native language.

What's the difference between a Mentor and a PPVer?

A Mentor can help you with questions throughout your PPing. Once you have finished, you'll submit your project for PP Verification, and the person who PPVs your book will give you feedback on how you did. This may include tips on how to improve your PPing for next time; the PPVers are post-PP mentors.

How do I find a project to PP?

If there is nothing suitable in the PP Pool, try keeping an eye on the Projects for new PP'ers thread, or even better BEGIN projects suitable for new and experienced PPers

For Post-processors interested in being PP Mentors

How can I become a Mentor?

The most important thing is the willingness to help new PPers. You should also be confident in your PPing, i.e. you already have a couple of projects under your belt, and you know how to handle some of the most common problems that come up. You do not have to be a PPVer or DU to be a Mentor.

If you are interested in mentoring, please add yourself to the list of available PP Mentors. If you speak languages other than English or you have some special skills (e.g. you have PPed a lot of periodicals), please list those after your name as well.