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For Beginning PMs Looking for Mentors

Who are the PM Mentors?

The PM Mentors are experienced project managers who are interested in helping new project managers with their first project(s).

What do the Mentors do?

Your PM Mentor can help you most if you contact your Mentor even before you take on your first PM project. This way the Mentor can help you right from the beginning, e.g. in choosing a good first project, finding the right FAQ's and other documentation you might need. Your Mentor will also help you during the actual PMing, by answering any questions you might have. (That's why you should also remember, that there are no stupid questions! So no matter how silly your question may feel, if it puzzles you, it's a question worth asking!)

So, how can I get my very own Mentor?

For help finding a mentor, please email the General Manager, Linda (lhamilton) at dp-genmgr at pgdp dot net.

How do I find a project to PM?

PMs can do their own CP, or take over projects that a content provider has already prepared. To learn how to harvest or scan your own projects, visit the CP FAQ.

For Project Managers interested in being PM Mentors

What experience do I need to be a PM Mentor?

Have at least 5 projects actively started (i.e., entered P1), with several projects successfully through F1, so you have a good feel for questions and/or problems that may arise during both proofing and formatting rounds.

Have experience working in both Proofing and Formatting rounds. A minimum of 500 pages each of Proofing and Formatting. Answering questions about your projects (which you are familiar with) may be very different than randomly stumbling across something that's not covered in any of the guidelines.

What is expected of a PM Mentor?

Be willing to work through the creation of a project with a new potential PM, including scanning/harvesting, image processing, OCRing, and text processing.

Help with creating the project on the site. Do a quality control check of the project before it is loaded (i.e., no missing pages, adequate hi-res illos, text is not pre-formatted, proper character sets, etc.) Look over the project for things that need to be noted in the Project Comments, such as tables or anything not explicitly covered in the guidelines (i.e., is there a word list, ad pages, etc.) Also, help generating good and bad word lists.

Be available for questions during the creation of the project and for a while after the project is first released.

How can I become a Mentor?

The most important thing is the willingness to help new PMs. You should also be confident in your PMing.

If you are interested in mentoring, please contact the General Manager at dp-genmgr at pgdp dot net. Include the tools you use to process images and text files. Use/knowledge of guiprep, while not necessary, is encouraged to be able to answer questions if the PM chooses to use it. If you speak languages other than English, have some special skills (e.g. you have PMed periodicals, music or LaTeX projects), have experience in Post Processing, or any other unique skills that give you insight into being a good Project Manager, include that information.