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P2 refers to Proofreading round 2, which is the second round of proofing. The page-texts have already been proofread, and now need to have the text spellchecked and carefully compared to the image.

Because P2 proofreaders are more experienced than most P1 proofreaders, P2 is expected to fix a variety of mistakes and oversights common in the P1 round. During P2 proofing, proofers can mentor P1 proofers by providing encouraging, helpful feedback via a PM.

To see how you can qualify to work in P2, see the Access requirements article and the P2 round page.

See also P1, P3 and formatting, and a discussion of the differences between the rounds.

(From April through June 2006, when we formally changed from two to three rounds of proofing, this round was called P2alt.)