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From April-June 2006, P2alt was the second round of proofing, in which the version of the page text produced in P1 was checked and corrected.

This round was added between P1 and the original P2 round in April 2006, as an experimental "alternative" to the "original" P2 round; hence the odd name. The P2alt experiment having been judged a success by Distributor Proofreaders's Site Administrators, an "official" third proofing round was added to the DP system. The original P2 round was transformed into the P3 round, and the experimental P2alt round became the new P2 round.

One of the problems resulting from the experimental and temporary nature of the P2alt round was the necessity of jerry-rigging the P1 diffs when a project moved from P2alt into P2. Projects with the label P2alt-r identify projects where "jerry-rigged diffs" have been retrieved and restored into the project's normal Page Details. Naturally, the P2alt-r label will become obsolete as the projects which were in progress when the formal transition to the current five-round system was made finish their time in the DP system.

See P2alt for more detail on this history of this round.