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P3 refers to Proofing Round 3, which is the optional third round of proofing, in which the version of the page text produced in P2 is checked and corrected. See also P1 and formatting.

If you want to work in P3, you must satisfy the numerical requirements, and then apply for P3 qualification.

There is a team, P3 Junkies, dedicated to moving projects through P3 towards completion more efficiently by concentrating their efforts on a few projects. The P3 Junkies project list shows the team's current and previous projects.

(Prior to June 2006, when we formally changed from two to three rounds for proofing, this round was called "P2". See also a summary of recent changes to the DP process.)

What P3 can do.

P3 proofers examines the pages of projects in P3 for small errors. They are the last formal round for inspection of the characters on each page. Interestingly, this group of the most experienced proofers ask the most proofing questions about the project in the Forums.

P3 proofers proof the pages submitted for P3 qualification. The diffs they produce are inspected by a very small team to determine how many changes the P3 applicant missed. Only serious changes are counted. Not all diffs are errors and P3 should avoid unneeded diffs.

P3 can proof pages in P2 that were edited in P1 by relatively new proofers. These are labeled "Rapid Review". Feedback is provided to the P1 new proofer automatically based on the diffs generated. Again P3 should avoid unneeded diffs.