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A project thread (also project discussion, project forum) is a thread in the DP forum dedicated to a specific Distributed Proofreaders project.

WHY TO use the Project Thread

The project thread is the preferred method to communicate any questions or concerns about a specific project. The project thread is created at the same time as the project and is used by all Distributed Proofreaders volunteers (DPers) until the project is posted to Project Gutenberg's website. Because all DPers are able to post to the project thread, there is a large pool of people willing to provide answers and advice.

WHERE TO find Project Threads

A link to the project thread for each Distributed Proofreaders project is under the Forum section of its Project Page. The link will be titled either Discuss this Project (if the project thread has already started) or Start a discussion on this Project (if the project thread has not been started).