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Welcome to the DP Wiki!

The DP Wiki (also known as DPWiki) is a part of the Distributed Proofreaders website. This page you are reading right now, and its brothers, sisters, children, cousins, parents, and other relations are wiki articles, intended to capture the knowledge and insights of the volunteers' years of experience. The biggest part of the DP community is the DP forum, where discussion, community affairs, and teamwork is undertaken.

What makes a wiki website so powerfully useful in a community like ours is that here every DPer can easily apply their proofreading, formatting, post-processing, and authoring skills to make every page better for everybody else. This is a website we make, we fix, and we perfect together.

If you're entirely new to Distributed Proofreaders, you should refer to the New Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions article.

For version information, please click here.

New to the Wiki?

Our Shared Cottage

Everything in our wiki can be edited, by any DP community member. No one of us "owns" any material that's here. In this simultaneous time-share, everything is yours while you're there, but it's everybody else's as well. The rest of the community can redecorate at any time to suit themselves.

This works, of course, because nobody acts purely to suit themselves. When we move things, and edit, and even delete material is always improving something we all own. The wiki is our shared knowledge. When we change it, we're collaborating.

Knowing that you're new, the maintenance crew has left a brief introduction to your new abode: Getting started in DP Wiki. But you can edit that too!

At any time you can watch who's been doing what in the neighborhood: editing pages, moving and deleting articles, carrying on Wiki discussions. Every change here is logged automatically in the Recent Changes page. It's a great page to bookmark in your web browser, and a lot of times it can be useful to just sit and watch what people are working on.

If you want to explore what's here, but can't decide where to start, try the "Random page" link on the navigation bar (at left for most browsers).

This is your website, too. You have a wiki home page of your very own! There and everywhere else, you have the right to fiddle and move things around. Have a look at the editing tutorial for more information.

You can edit anytime you want. If you feel more comfortable trying your hand in a "safe" place before changing something somebody else has done, you can practice in the Sandbox.

As a DPer, you know all about edit diffs, right? Some folks think this is the best part: We never have to worry about making mistakes here. Every version of every wiki page is preserved. Your new time-share can always be rolled back in time to an earlier version: edited, reupholstered, put back the way you liked it. You don't have to worry about that hideous plaid wallpaper -- even if you put it up yourself.

The core value here is this: We all own everything. Every one of us gets a crowbar, hammer, and paint brush as soon as they move in. Anybody can edit any article, at any time. We can fix what looks wrong, add what we think is missing, tidy up, move things around, proofread and reformat to our heart's content.

Every DP Wiki article has an accompanying Talk page. We can chat and discuss and leave each other notes there. And as with every other wiki page, if somebody leaves a mess lying around, you can clean up after them. You can even leave them a note of complaint in return. :)

Every DP Wiki account, including yours, comes with a built-in Watchlist. Just like in the DP forum, you can add and remove articles (including Talk pages) to and from your watchlist. Whenever anybody edits one of those pages, you'll be notified.

Finding Information in the Wiki

This wiki contains a mix of official DP documentation (managed by the DP site administrators and others appointed by them) and other helpful user-created and user-maintained information. You can identify official documentation several ways:

  1. by its page name (which begins "DP Official Documenation:"),
  2. by the title on the first tab at the top of the page ("dp official documentation"), and
  3. by the light yellow page header that reads "DP Official Documentation".

For information on how to search for information on this wiki, please read the How to Search the Wiki article.

For information on how to edit wiki pages, please read the Editing article.

Wiki Rules

As with all wikis, please do not post anything that is irrelevant (like advertising or spam) on the DP official docs and other pages related to DP. However, for your personal pages, feel free to post anything you like. It doesn't have to be related to DP.

However, please note that any material that promotes violence or discriminates against any group may be removed. Also, note that explicit or inappropriate media of any kind may be deleted.

Hacking or attempting to electronically damage the wiki is not permitted. Setting bots or scrapers over the wiki multiple times is also not appreciated. It will break or crash the wiki.

Please don't start "edit wars", where editors of a wiki constantly revert and reinstate changes against each other. It will just start a grudge with someone, and defeats the purpose of a wiki entirely.

Questions (and Answers)

What about the DP forum?

The DP Wiki is not intended as a replacement for the forums, or the FAQs, but a complementary tool. If you have any questions about a particular aspect of DP, it's a good idea to check the wiki first before posting on the forums.

Want to compare them?

I found a bug/I have a suggestion for the wiki. Where do I report it?

If you find any issues with the DP Wiki, the best thing to do is to report it in the DP Task Center so our devs and squirrels can get to it ASAP. Similarly, feel free to post any feature requests in the Task Center, but keep in mind that since the DP Wiki runs on MediaWiki, it might be difficult for the DP devs to customize/change anything in the software. If you have a feature request for the Wiki experience in general, please file a request with MediaWiki instead.

Why can't I edit certain pages?

If you find a page that doesn't let you edit, it's probably part of the DP Official Documentation. To protect against vandalism these pages can only be edited by certain people on DP. There will usually be a yellow footer at the bottom of the page reading "To comment or request edits to this page, please contact [name]." Simply click the name (or one of the names) listed. This will lead you to the DP Forums, where you can compose a PM to the person.

Why does the DP Wiki look like Wikipedia or the wiki for XYZ?

That's because DP uses MediaWiki, the wiki system that was built for Wikipedia and is now free for all to use. You'll see MediaWiki used quite often on wikis, and if you've ever used Wikipedia or any other MediaWiki based site, using the DP wiki should be a piece of cake!

Why is the DP Wiki missing some features that are present in Wikipedia or other MediaWiki based sites?

Right now the MediaWiki instance for DP is at version 1.35.5, which is a few versions behind the latest MediaWiki release. Because of operational factors (no one would want the wiki frequently closed for server maintenance), the DP wiki is updated less frequently, and hence features that are present in Wikipedia or other sites (running newer versions of MediaWiki) may not be present in the DP wiki.