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The phrase "The Change" refers to the major change made to the DP Workflow in June 2005 when it went from two rounds (R1 & R2, collectively referred to as R*), which each involved both proofing and formatting, to four rounds, two for proofing and two for formatting. The Smooth Reading Pool was added at this time.

For more information on "The Change" and the reasons why it was made, see the New Rounds, New Workflow, New Site and Discussion of Upcoming Site Changes threads. In addition, the Transition to Four Rounds document presents a description of "The Change" appropriate for people who had worked at DP using the old two-round processing system.

In June 2006, there was a "sequel" to "The Change," when an optional third proofing round was officially added to the Workflow process. A bit more detail on that update can be found in the June, 2006 Upgrade - 3rd Proofing Round etc thread.

See the General Workflow Diagram for a graphical representation of the current DP process for creating e-texts.