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The goal of Smooth Reading (SR) is to read a post-processed text attentively, as for pleasure, with just a little more attention than usual to punctuation, etc. This is not full-scale proofreading, and comparison with the project's scans is not needed. Just read it as your normal, sensitized-to-proofing-errors self, and report any problem that disrupts the sense or the flow of the e-text.

Smooth Reading: also referred to as Smooth-Reading, SRing, smooth-reading, smooth reading, Smoothreading, smoothying, and many other variations.

Smooth Reader: person who Smooth Reads e-texts; also affectionately known as an SRer, smooth-reader, smoothier, smoothyer, smoothie, smoothy, etc.

For more information, see the Smooth Reading FAQ and visit the Smooth Reading Pool.

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