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One reason people gather in teams is to attack a particular, ongoing need. Some may deal with math, indices, slow-moving works, tables, or other activities. If yours is such a group, edit this page to add your team. If you are a Content Provider (CP), Project Manager (PM), proofreader, PP, or anyone else, use these links as a resource to find help or assistance.

Help with specific rounds

P2alt - ernative Proofers

The aim of this team is to move projects steadily through P2 to give as many PPers as possible a chance to assess whether to skip P3 or not. Standards of proofing will be high. We used to use this list of projects to work on, but see the recently updated P2 Alt gap game for the list of projects that we are currently working on.

P3 Diehards

This team is dedicated to proofing and groofing select "older" and "slower" projects in P3. By combining and concentrating our collective efforts, we are able to cause the selected projects to conclude their time in P3 and move into F1 in a relatively efficient manner. See the list of projects that we are currently working on.

P3 Archers

The P3 Archers first banded together in August 2007. Through organized and focused rolling groofs, we strive to battle the P3 backlog while promoting P3 Pride. During the week, we proof projects nearing P3 completion (usually 100 pages remaining or less, depending on project difficulty). During Archer Weekend, our project list includes suggestions of straight-forward P3 titles in various genres that folks might find enjoyable; requests for P3 groofing partners are welcome. See the Archers gap game for the list of projects that we are currently working on. P3 Archers has a more complete description of the team and game.

Queue Busters

This team is devoted to unblocking the oldest projects waiting to release into P3 by completing projects in a "stuck" queue's category. This allows the projects to release into the P3 round so they can be proofed and move on to the Formatting rounds. (See the Queue Busters gap game or the list of projects for the projects we are currently working on.) Oops, actually currently Queue Busters projects are being tracked in the Archers gap game.

F1 Foofers

We love to format. Besides having a rotating set of interesting projects, PM/PPers who want to move a project through F1 (maybe even skip F2), and foofers who want help on a project they like, can request to be included on our project list. If you're ever stuck thinking "what shall I work on?" check us out. Visitors welcome!

F2 Fanatics

This teams focuses its work in F2. See the list of projects that we are currently working on or have worked on in the past.

Smoooth Readers

Pull up a chair, grab something to Smooth Read if you want, and join us in our search for those elusive errors before sending DP projects out into the world. If SRing an entire project by yourself seems overwhelming, use our team thread and our Distributed Smooth Reading Coordination page to find others to help share the load.

Help with specific page and project types

Ad Addicts

This is a team for the folks who believe the ads add! They aren't "junk"; they are "atmosphere." They aren't things to dispose of; they are often the most important parts of a project to preserve since they were originally the most ephemeral in nature.

If you like proofing and foofing ads, join us in our efforts. If you don't like proofing and foofing ads, let us know where they are so we can enjoy the experience of "getting them out of your way."

the Gravedigger

This team assists in interring the remains of projects that linger in the rounds. We prefer to be invited to the service; otherwise, we work on the oldest projects.

Junkies, Index

This is a gathering place for those who love bringing order to those messy pages at the end of the book which are full of labels and page numbers.

LaTeX Typesetters

This team's aim is to use and to promote the use of LaTeX at DP.

Proofing the Oldest

Working on the projects, English and LOTE, which have been longest available in each round. See the project list.


Do you have a "nightmare" page where proofer after proofer, or formatter or formatter throws up their hands and returns the page to the round, and the project stagnates? If so, post the project, round, and the page number(s) in this team thread and an experienced proofer or formatter will come along and sort it for you. Greek, Latin, multiple columns, small print. Anything not covered in a team elswehere in this section, call in ... Pagebusters!

Retreads (R) Us

This team is dedicated to making its reason for being obsolete by pushing retreads through the production system. This is a place to come for encouragement and work suggestions for all rounds, so that the books that have been waiting (and waiting) ever so patiently can see the light of PG.

Turn the Tables

Do you like the challenge of making a table readable? pretty? Join us.

Do you know where there are tables waiting for the tender hand? Let us know.

Type-in Addicts

Just what it sounds like! People who LOVE type-in projects ... the thrill of the chase, the detective work, and the satisfaction of being the one to step up when everybody else (except the gravediggers!) runs screaming from the project page! We LIVE for obscure words, strange symbols in the text, and any chance we can get to let our fingers dance across those keys!

Help with other tasks


This team contains a group of illustrators who are able and willing to resize, enhance, and fix ailing graphical project elements for CPs, PMs and PPers.


In a way, these team members man DP's "Reference Desk." They search for the elusive bits of information DP and DPers require and desire.

Music Team

This team can provide help, advice, and music transcription services for DP projects containing music.

We've Got You Covered

A team for volunteers who are willing to create custom covers for other PPers and for members to request custom covers.

See Also

The LONG list of teams also contains a group of DP Specialisms.