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Welcome to the Distributed Proofreaders' Community!

Teams are here to support, encourage and motivate you. You can join up to six teams and your contribution will be welcome in any of them - your proofing adds to the team ranking. Clicking on a team name below will take you to the team statistics page or to a list of teams with a common single-word substring in the team name from which you can follow a link to the desired team. The JOIN button is to the right of the team name. The statistics are at the bottom of the team page.

This page lists some of the teams of proofers with common interests. This list is updated manually, so at any given time, it will not be an up-to-date list of all available teams. If you create a new team, or notice a new one that has been created, please feel free to add it here.

You can talk about books you are interested in and follow their progress through DP through the team forums.

Before creating a new team, do a keyword search or the team on the Stats Central page. This is a literal search -- spaces and punctuation matter, so it's best to use the shortest unique word that will narrow the search.

To see which teams are most active and what they are talking about, check out the forums.

The list below uses wiki shortcuts for the links to the teams. Unfortunately, the wiki shortcuts don't understand spaces, so the wiki shortcuts for teams with more than one word in the team name have been shortened to be one word long. Most of them still go directly to the team, but there are several that display a list that includes the team being linked to.

And remember, you don't have to join a team to read and post in the team discussion!

DP Specialisations (see the DP process)

(see also Special Teams)

Team project lists

Geographical (see also Language/Culture, Universities)


America (North, South & Central)

U.S. States




Language/Culture (see also Geographical)

Universities & Colleges


Home, Family, etc. (?)




Other special interests

Web Communities

(Teams I really couldn't figure out!)

Other teams