Distributed Smooth Reading Coordination

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Smooth Reading (SR) can be a very good way to find some of those last few niggling errors or oddities in a project. While a project does not have to go through the SR process before it is posted to PG, many Post Processors choose to make at least some of their projects available for Smooth Reading (via the Smooth Reading Pool) for a period of time.

Distributed Smooth Reading can be defined as breaking a project uploaded for Smooth Reading into more than one chunk, in order to facilitate covering a larger percentage of especially large projects than one smoothyer might be willing or able to handle.

There is no formalized coordination of breaking larger projects into smaller pieces: time and experience has proven that the best ways to do this are to:

  • Send a PM directly to the PPer, and express interest in doing part of the project.
  • Post in the Smoooth Readers team thread.

In both cases, if there's a particular part of the project that appeals to you, say so. PPers are generally happy to have even partial smooth reads. To let them know which part you worked on, use [** notes] to show where you started and ended.