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Proof-only Mentoring projects, which are found only in P3 (at least for right now), are the "reincarnation" of some of the Newcomers Only projects from P1. Except for the fact that these projects move straight from P1 to the active P3 list, the pages in these projects are proofed just as they would be in any other project.

Once all the pages in a given Proof-only Mentoring project have been proofed, the proofers who worked on the project in round P1 are notified via PM that their "diff files" for the project are ready, and they are giving instructions on how to check their diffs, and ask questions about and interpret them. The projects themselves move into F1 and complete the rest of their time at DP following the same process as all other projects.

Anyone with P3 status can do this type of mentoring. See the main Mentoring page for more information on the mentoring process.