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Accessed via the script:


To provide access to those who have need to upload files to the server, so that they can be loaded into projects.

Who needs access


PMs automatically gain access when their PM access is enabled, and have their own directory/folder.

Others who might need access:

  • CPers who are not PMs, and who need to make files available for an adoptive PM.
  • CPers who are not PMs, who are only providing images, and need to make them available to the OCR Pool.
  • PPers helping to fix projects they have checked out.
  • PPers who need to upload a large file for PPV.

Should not be used for:

  • Making alternative formats available for Smooth Reading.

Non-PM access types

Commons folder

The Commons folder is specifically designed to provide a place to store files that can be seen by anyone with dpscans access. While you can request access to only the Commons folder, there is no need to. If you do, it will override your access to your dpscans folder, and you will no longer be able to upload directly into it, or delete files from it.

Anyone with access to dpscans, whether assigned explicit access to the Commons folder, or whether they have a private folder, has access to the Commons folder.

Because the content in the Commons folder is accessible to everyone, please take care to avoid affecting other users' files unless you have permission to do so.

Private non-PM upload folder

Non-PM users may also request a private upload folder instead of access to the Commons folder. Only the user or a squirrel can move or delete files in a private directory. (This sort of directory is not created until the first time the user accesses the Remote File Manager script.)

To request access

  • If you are interested in becoming a PM, see the Access requirements for PMs.
  • If you are interested in non-PM access, please send an email to db-req at pgdp dot net, with your username and your reason for requesting access.


The previous script for uploading to dpscans allowed uploaded files to be deleted or downloaded. This updated version adds the ability to create subfolders, to rename files, and to transfer files to other locations. Note that folders can only be deleted or renamed, not moved or downloaded as a unit.

Transferring files

To the left of each file should be a collection of icons. If you wish to transfer a zip from your dpscans or the Commons directory to another user or to the Commons directory, click on the right-arrow and you'll be taken to a page listing the filename with a dropdown list of locations that it can be moved to. Choose the location, and click on the "Move File" button.


Remember to delete unused files and folders once you're finished with them.


  • Keep backups on your own computer, or on a personal backup -- dpscans is not backed up by the system software.
  • If your browser supports large uploads, you may upload zips up to 200MB. If your browser does not support large uploads, the maximum file size you can upload is 64.00 MB.
  • The following paragraphs are on the page where you specify the upload location, but are repeated here as a reminder:
Note: Please make sure the file you upload is Zipped (not Gzip, TAR, etc.). The file should have the .zip extension, NOT .Zip, .ZIP, etc.
The rest of the file's name must consist of ASCII letters, digits, underscores, and/or hyphens. It must not begin with a hyphen.
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