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Jargon Guides
  1. In each round at DP, a volunteer has an honorific rank which appears in the "Personal Statistics" section on the right-hand side of the window. These ranks are different for each round, and are determined by how many pages the volunteer has proofed or formatted in that round. Traditionally the names of these ranks, as well as the page counts at which they change, have not been shared in the DP forum so that they will be a surprise for others as they reach them.
  2. In each round, each volunteer has a page-count rank which appears in the Member Details section (under 'Page Statistics' and 'Neighbors'). This rank is (basically) the volunteer's numeric position in a list of all volunteers, sorted by the number of pages a volunteer has saved in that round. (E.g., the person with the highest page-count for that round has the rank of 1.)