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GutCheck is a tool for finding errors in the text version of an e-book, at the Post-Processing, Verification or White Washing stage.

Online Version of Gutcheck

There is an online version of Gutcheck included in PPtext that is part of the DP Post-Processing Workbench tools.

Downloadable Gutcheck

Gutcheck can be run on virtually any personal computer platform, including Windows, Mac OS/X, and Unix, from the command line, thus

gutcheck [-setopxlywvm] filename.txt

where the optional parameters denote:

-s checks Single quotes
-e switches off Echoing of lines
-t turns off Typo-checking
-o produces an Overview only
-p sets strict quotes-checking for Paragraphs
-x (paranoid) switches off typo checking and eXtra checks
-l turns off Line-end checks
-y sets error messages to stdout
-w is a special mode for Web uploads (for future use)
-v forces individual Verbose reporting of minor problems
-m interprets Markup of some common [[[HTML tag]]]s and entities

Running gutcheck without any parameters or filename will display a brief help message.

Also, guiguts provides a graphical interface for it, which is very convenient since guiguts is also an editor. Although PPers are not required to use any of the other PPTools, gutchecking is essential. Those who prefer not to install it can use the online gutcheck page.

Distributed Proofreaders also provides an online version of a gutcheck-like tool, ppgutc, as part of the Distributed Proofreaders Post-Processing Workbench as part of the PPtext tool.

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