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The PG Finale Project was created to offer an alternative method of transcribing sheet music on DP. It was conceived out of the realization that the wiki software could provide a platform to manage collaborative editing of music, and that most of the music encountered on DP could be entered using Finale's free NotePad software. Any remaining entry or fixes could be completed by people who already own or are willing to purchase the advanced versions of the software.

It was initially located offsite because DP's wiki did not allow uploads of Finale files. Thanks to mikeyc21 this has been resolved, so it is possible that we will move the site back to the DP wiki. It is also possible that it will be merged, with some modifications, with the current MusicXML test project.

The project is currently located at A password is needed to edit and upload files. If you would like the password, send a Private Message to David Newman, who currently administers the site.

We have also established the PG Finale Team on DP, and the resultant forum for discussion.

The PG Finale team helped with the music for a number of projects that were posted to PG. It is currently dormant.