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The pages linked below explain the formatting in the F1 Self-Evaluation Project 2013.

The purpose of this Wiki is to make it easy for you to find explanations of why the pages in the F1 Self-Evaluation Project 2013. were formatted in a certain way, without having to search through a long Project Discussion or Forum thread. All the information for each page is in one place, and those answers were written by experienced formatters.

So, if you have done some Self-evaluation pages, checked the "diffs," and have questions about any of them, look for the answers here, but please do not ask, add, or change anything here unless you're F2-qualified.. If you don't find the answers, or need further clarification, please use the Project Discussion to ask questions, have a discussion, and make suggestions. When doing so, please be sure to include the page numbers with your questions. Hopefully, an experienced formatter will answer the questions there, so please let all additions & changes to this Wiki be reserved for the answers given by F2-qualified people.

Please follow these links to find the explanations of page formatting. The explanations appear in groups of 10, and reading some of the other explanations within the group often will be helpful.

001-010     011-020     021-030     031-040     041-050     051-060     061-070     071-080     081-090     091-100
101-110     111-120     121-130     131-140     141-150     151-160     161-170     171-180     181-190     191-200
201-210     211-220     221-230     231-240     241-250     251-260     261-270     271-280     281-290     291-300
301-310     311-320     321-330     331-340     341-350     351-360     361-370     371-380     381-390     391-400
401-410     411-420

NOTE: While it's easy to make changes and corrections in this Wiki, it's almost impossible to change the text in the Self-Evaluation project itself, so we are identifying such errors here in the Wiki. In the explanations corresponding to those pages, you will see Error: for the errors people have found. Our focus is on formatting, so you can ignore "diffs" caused by possible proofreading errors (unless you made them, of course).

Click HERE for a list of the projects from which these examples were taken.