F1 Self-Evaluation Project Explanations/pages 051-060

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Each of the numerical headings begins a new Section, so precede each of them with 2 blank lines.

The in-line headings are in small-caps and for formatting purposes are complete sentences, so the periods go INSIDE the tags.


No formatting on this page.


"i.e." is in italics, including both periods, as it is an abbreviation.

See 051 above for the rest.


Same as 051 above.


"Aren't you?" is a question, so the question mark belongs to the sentence, not to "you," and goes OUTSIDE the tags.

The illustration should be in a paragraph break if possible. The bottom of this page happens to be at the end of a paragraph, so that's a valid place for the illustration.

The caption of the illustration is in all-caps; none of it is in small-caps.


Just two separate words in italics.


No formatting on this page.


This looks like a letter. Without being able to see the preceding page of the actual book, it's better to enclose it in Block Quotes. If the Post-Processor decides otherwise, it's easier to remove those tags than to figure out where to add them.

The salutation is in small caps; the comma following it is a separator and goes OUTSIDE the tags.


The top of the page clearly is a letter; if you happened to have done 058, it contained the beginning of the letter. There is a signature area at the bottom of the letter and then some extra white space, so the letter clearly belongs in Block Quotes.

The signature line is right-justified, so enclose it in no-wraps to alert the Post-Processor.

The signature is in small caps, but the line above it ends with a comma, so the signature is not a complete sentence and the period goes OUTSIDE the tags.


Verse with line numbers. Enclose in no-wraps and have at least leave six spaces between the text and the line numbers. It's okay to leave more than six spaces but it will show as a non-essential diff and is not an error--fewer than six is an error.

If the line numbers had been on the left side of the page, we still would place them on the right side when proofreading / formatting.

The footnote anchor and reference use an asterisk; replace them both with "A". (If there had been several non-numeric footnotes, the others would be "B" "C" etc.)

At the very end of the footnote "Ed." is in mixed-case small caps. It is an abbreviation, so the period goes inside the tags.