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Status Update

Well, I've tried nearly every role on this site, and now dipping my toes into Content Providing. I'm going to start out by harvesting images, but if I find I like it I might do the book scanning too at some point.... I have to force myself to take little steps at a time, and not take on too much. I still enjoy post-processing, especially crafting HTML versions (which is becoming more and more complex, what with Accessibility and EPUB format).

If you need to contact me for any reason, you can send me a PM.

Recently, I've been thinking of ways the PG content can be re-used.

  • One interesting way I've seen recently, was a video on Youtube of illustrations in an ebook. I immediately decided I wanted to try that too for some of my highly illustrated projects.
    • My first attempt! No music, because I need to first locate something free of copyright.
  • Another possibility that recently came to my mind was uploading an ebook to
  • Story of a Soul by St. Thérèse of Lisieux has only a plain text version and an auto-generated HTML. A while back I created an HTML version for my own use based on that plain text. I need to figure out how I can share it. Also I think I found an edition of this in TIA (containing the same text, including material that the transcriber omitted too), which has illustrations that can be added.
  • Re-using illustrations idea: putting them on shirts, notebooks, mugs, etc. (ala

Wiki To-Do

I've been making small incremental contributions to the Wiki. Maybe I should ask on the forums what people want to have on the Wiki, what is confusing, etc.

My Stuff

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Links in this section deal with the versions made for mobile devices / ebook readers; still need to figure out how it would affect my post-processing work

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To-do: look for more and newer links, what other people link to (hopefully they don't mind. User:Srjfoo?)

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