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DP Official Documentation - General

General Manager

  • lhamilton — email address: dp-genmgr at pgdp dot net

Project Facilitators

If you try to contact one of the PFs on the following list, and don't get a reply within a reasonable length of time, please contact dphelp at pgdp dot net, mention the nature of your question or problem and ask to have someone contact you.

Site Administrators

This is a title that newcomers to the site will more readily understand. However on the DP site, volunteers who fill this important role are known as Squirrels.


Users noted as Squirrels in the forums are those who are System Administrators, db-req folks, and Forum Administrators. The responsibilities overlap enough that a generic title works best.

db-req: Database Requests

To contact db-req, please send an email to db-req at pgdp dot net. If you wish, you may also contact db-req via an internal DP form.

Other Squirrels

System Administrators

Forum Administrators

Other Roles

  • Language Coordinators
    • lvl, French language co-coordinator
    • garweyne, Italian language co-coordinator
    • jhellingman, Dutch language co-coordinator
  • PPV Coordinator — email address: ppv-coord at pgdp dot net.

  • Project Hospital Coordinator — email address: db-req at pgdp dot net.
    • For questions about the hospital, please contact db-req directly.
  • Translation Coordinator
    • srjfoo: email translation-coord at pgdp dot net.
  • Image Sources Manager



Project Facilitators

Honored Former Administrators/Squirrels

Many thanks from the DP community for dedicated service:


Former General Managers

Honored Former Squirrels

Honored Former Project Facilitators

Many thanks from the DP community to all of the following:

Display of Roles in the Forums

All volunteers at DP are important, but to keep the server in operation and the projects moving, some volunteers perform specialized tasks. The user names of individuals occupying such administrative and facilitative roles often display in different role-specific colors in the DP forums:

  • Forum Administrators
  • Coordinators
  • PF (Project Facilitators)
  • SA (Squirrels)

The individuals who occupy these roles change from time to time, as do the roles themselves. Moreover, one individual may have multiple roles at any given time but their user name can display in only one of the role-specific colors.

Please be aware that the fact that volunteers' names display in a specific color in the forums shows merely that they occupy specific roles right now. When you read their previous "pre-role" posts, their names will still be highlighted despite not having occupied that role at the time that post was written. In the same vein, when volunteers stop occupying their roles, the role-specific color on their usernames will no longer display -- even for posts that were written while they occupied those roles.

DP Foundation Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees are not technically administrators, but advise and "provide expertise and assistance" to the GM on request (forumpost:531256). The current members of the Board of Trustees are listed here.

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