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Summary of various tools not linked to the main site page (excluding tools related to Statistics).

noncvs tools for the general user population

PG's In Progress List form searches the PG clearance and posted databases by title and/or author so you can find out whether a book is already at PG or whether a clearance for it has been requested, and when, and whether the clearance has been approved. These clearance listings searched go back to 2004. The In Progress List also searches for projects at DP and for ones at DP Canada and Faded Page.

If you don't see a match via the In Progress List, you should use DP's Project Search to double-check whether a book is in progress at DP as well as DP Canada's search (which also has the option to search Faded Page).

In-Progress Check checks PG, DP, and David Price's lists for the title of a book.

Neglected projects shows projects that haven't been proofed in the last day or so.

The Project Hospital provides a listing of projects in the rounds that {need fixing}. The Project hospital wiki includes these projects and other missing page requests from PMs.

Projects on hold shows projects on hold, either across the whole site or for the PM (this doesn't work since the new hold system was implemented).

Review Work allows one to check diffs across multiple pages.

For a listing on projects in the rounds, sorted by PPer, see PPer Volunteers.

For P3 skip evaluation, use the Project retread/skip recommendation tool for single projects or use this tool to check across all of your projects.

Gap games

See Gap Game.