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DP Official Documentation - Post-Processing and Post-Processing Verification


These Best Practices provide guidance for producing well-coded HTML versions of our e-books. Using examples and explanations, they explore some of the common aspects of our e-books, and direct Post-Processors toward coding practices that will convert well to e-reader formats, for most books. They are designed for PPers, but are not meant to be a comprehensive guide to the full Post-Processing workflow.

The Best Practices serve as:—

  • recommended HTML coding practices as they pertain to our e-books;
  • a guide for creating HTML e-books which will convert as gracefully as possible to e-reader formats;
  • an introduction to HTML/CSS for new Post-Processors;
  • a reference for Post-Processors, Post-Processing Verifiers and Post-Processing Mentors.

The Best Practices documentation consists of several sections:—

Best Practices

The core list of recommendations, with links to further explanations and coded examples;

Introductory Topics

Self-contained introductions to various aspects of producing HTML e-books;

Case Studies

Hands-on examples of how to format various parts of books in HTML, with actual code and commentary;


An alphabetical index of topics covered

Useful Links

A collection of further resources on HTML, CSS and “mobile” formats.

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