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User:Srjfoo/Disjoint titles

Content before 2018-02-28 has been moved to User:Srjfoo/Unorganized.

Adding collapsed/collapsible sections

Sometimes pages get too long, and might profit from having long explanations hidden by default.

In order to code the collapsed section such that the "Expand" link aligns in a logical position, use the following code.

<div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed">(click 'expand' to open)
<div class="mw-collapsible-content">
Content collapsed by default here</div>
Example: (click 'expand' to open)
This content should be hidden by default, with the 'Expand' link right aligned at the end of the visible line.

Post-wiki-upgrade testing 2019-03-03

Project Search form
Formatting Guidelines
dpuser:Dr Gutenstein -- Spaces in usernames still not working.

Date variables

Magic words

2022, UTC

03:22, UTC

2022, Server year

22:22, Server time

Note: that the following should be checked to make sure that the Years ago template uses server time. We don't want it showing the new PD year based on calculating "Years ago" for New Zealand time. "LOCALTIME" is apparently defined to use the server's time.

Books first published in 1926 in the US are public domain as of January 1 of the current year (2022).

Books first published in 1927 in the US will enter the public domain as of January 1 2023.

Today is Thursday, UTC, AND Wednesday, server time, DPWiki (

Template testing

this is a paragraph

this is another paragraph