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This page is intended as a resource for PPers asking, "I have a project with <issue X>. How have other PPers dealt with it in the past?" Feel free to add lots of examples, to show the variety of solutions for each issue.


  • etext:21328: accesskeys in html version for start of the book, skipping front matter, and table of contents
  • etext:30294: accesskeys in html version for table of contents, skipping front matter, and index



  • etext:15755: many footnotes for some poems; listed directly below each poem
  • etext:16595: footnotes collected at the end of each chapter (all versions)
  • etext:17435: collected at the end of the text (all versions)
  • etext:17474: collected at the end of the text in html; at the end of each chapter in text versions
  • etext:18251: at the end of each section (all versions); not linked in the html
  • etext:18279: at the end of the text in html; at the end of the paragraph in text versions
  • etext:18637: thousands of footnotes; at the end of each chapter or section in all versions
  • etext:18766: at the end of each section in text versions; at the end of the text in the html
  • etext:18253: numerous footnotes; footnotes within footnotes; endnotes
  • etext:20731: footnotes converted to sidenotes in html; at the end of chapters in text version


  • etext:15755: image surrounding text on title page
  • links to online images elsewhere
  • etext:17727: one illustration has ASCII art for the text versions
  • etext:18187: sets of illustrations are surrounded by a light border in the html version, and an ASCII box in the text
  • etext:17645: non-rectangular floating images
  • etext:20774: small images floating over text

Few illustrations

Many illustrations

  • etext:12254: in the html, images aren't shown, just the captions (displayed as sidenotes) with links to the images
  • etext:17451: smaller images floating on the left and right in html
  • etext:17474: frequent music illustrations; marked as [Music Illustration] in text versions
  • etext:18742: mostly large images, a few floating on the left or right
  • etext:20781: illustrations as background images for every chapter (positioned outside of the flow of text)

Decorative marks

  • etext:17474: decorative illustration before each chapter header; not noted in text versions
  • etext:18459: many decorative illustrations; some are marked with [Illustration] or [Decoration] in text versions
  • etext:19724: decorative rule between chapters

Decorative and drop capitals

Book's cover


  • etext:15755: uses paragraph markup in the html
  • etext:16595: list markup in html
  • etext:17474: in html the whole index is in one paragraph, with <br /> for each line
  • etext:17778: list markup in html
  • etext:18281: index at the beginning; includes page numbers in the text, but not in html (html has links)
  • etext:18637: very long index; nested list markup used in html
  • etext:18766: list markup in html
  • etext:19488: multiple volumes with combined index; in the html version includes alphabetic links as a centered paragraph
  • etext:17625: list markup in html with alphabetic links in a table

Letters (correspondence)

Multiple Volumes

  • etext:19488: multiple volumes, combined into one in the text, kept separate in HTML with a separate table of contents page linking to the volumes.


  • etext:16595: music with images, as well as Lilypond and MIDI files, in html version; text versions just have [Figure 1] etc.
  • etext:17474: music, as in 16595
  • etext:17773: sheet music created with Lilypond
  • etext:19394: sheet music created with Finale
  • etext:19499: music (MIDI), in-line music illustrations, music symbols (sharps, flats, naturals)
  • etext:19676: music (MIDI) with drama and poetry
  • etext:19826: music (MIDI) with drama and poetry
  • etext:20293: music (MIDI), numerous music illustrations
  • etext:20774: music, musical symbols over text lyrics

See the Music Guidelines page for more examples.

Other alphabets

  • etext:18459: some Greek and Hebrew; html has transliterations in mouse-hover popups; a little Arabic not transliterated; Latin-1 and ASCII versions mark Greek transliterations +like this+ and Hebrew #like this#, rather than [Greek: like this]
  • etext:18766: occasional Greek words and phrases; transliterated normally for Latin-1 and ASCII text versions; displayed as Greek text in html and Unicode text versions


  • etext:34261: complicated line numbers that link to notes at the end of the text
  • etext:16376: another method of linking line numbers to notes

Printer's errors

  • etext:15755: change noted in transcriber's note at end for text version; html version uses <ins> markup
  • etext:15830: original text's errata, additional clear errors, and possible errors listed at the end, in both the html and text versions
  • etext:16521: html version uses <ins> markup; text version has footnotes inserted explaining the corrections
  • etext:16595: list of corrections at the end in all versions
  • etext:18251: errors marked with <ins> markup in html; not mentioned in text versions
  • etext:18459: author's errata, and additional corrections made by the PPer; html uses <ins> markup (different color for author's errata and other corrections); text versions list the additional corrections at the end
  • etext:18567: changes noted using <ins> markup in html version; not mentioned in text versions
  • etext:18637: list of corrections at the end of all versions


Few sidenotes

  • etext:18682: on the right (separate column of text) in html; before each paragraph in text versions

Multiple sidenotes per paragraph

  • etext:17474: floating on the right in html; collected before each paragraph in text versions
  • etext:18459: on the right side (separate column of text) in the html; after each paragraph in text versions (some sidenotes already had anchors, and PPer added anchors for those that didn't have them)
  • etext:18593: boxed and unboxed sidenotes floating left in HTML
  • etext:60766: on the right side (separate column of text) in the html, e-pub, & kindle versions; before each paragraph in text version

Sidenotes in poetry

  • etext:18388: right-aligned on the same line as poetry that the sidenote is referring to in both html and text versions

Footnotes and sidenotes

  • etext:17400: sidenotes on left and right of main text, without [Sidenote: ] markup; footnotes at the end of each section
  • etext:20731: short footnotes converted to sidenotes in HTML, kept as footnotes in text

Special characters/symbols

  • etext:15755: unusual Unicode characters in html, mentioned in transcriber's note; text versions use braces: {)o} etc.
  • etext:17400: symbols using Unicode where possible, and letters in braces {m~} otherwise; transcriber's note explaining special characters, including images of the original symbols
  • etext:17451: unusual Unicode characters in html and Unicode text version; other text versions use brackets: [.h] etc.
  • etext:18251: Unicode characters are listed at the beginning in transcriber's note;
  • etext:18279: in the html, symbols using Unicode where possible, and letters in brackets [oo] otherwise; text versions use brackets [=e]
  • etext:19979: yoghs and thorns


  • etext:15755: scattered small tables
  • etext:16521: tables with braces } spanning multiple lines (table with braces at end of chapter XV.)
  • etext:16647: An Outline of the Relations between England and Scotland (500-1707). complicated family tree.
  • etext:17451: scattered small tables; formatted with table markup in the html, but with a plaintext version of each as well (in comments in the html code)
  • etext:17594: a few tables; one (in Lecture V) has large braces }
  • etext:17727: some tables; one has braces } spanning multiple lines in the text versions, and nothing in the html
  • etext:18187: borders on a table used in html to create a worksheet
  • etext:18251: many tables, some complex
  • etext:18253: Discovery of Witches. family tree.
  • etext:18567: many tables (simple); some use different background colors in the html; some large braces } in the html, with indentation instead in the text versions
  • etext:19022: numerous tables, unusual or complex formatting
  • etext:19058: Ordnance Instructions for the USN: numerous tables, complex formatting.
  • etext:19979: poetry & short drama sections in tables

Table of contents/List of illustrations

  • etext:15830: html version uses list markup and spans for the TOC
  • etext:16521: table markup in html version
  • etext:18187: table markup in html
  • etext:18323: linked list with no page numbers in html; page numbers in plaintext

Added by PPer

  • etext:17435: original text had no TOC, but one was inserted in the html version
  • etext:17727: linked TOC in the html, not present in the text versions
  • etext:18567: linked TOC in the html, not present in the text versions

Thought break

Multiple types within one text

  • etext:17594: larger and smaller blank space in the original, shown as smaller and larger horizontal rules in html, and 5-star vs. 3-star breaks in text versions

Transcriber's notes

  • etext:18459: extensive transcriber's notes at beginning and end, explaining various problems and oddities

Unusual items

  • diagrams/family trees/etc.
  • etext:15755: short sections of both side-by-side and interlinear texts, using tables in html
  • etext:17400: changing page headers are shown as sidenotes
  • etext:17778: changing page headers; shown as sidenotes in html, and with [Page Heading: ] in text versions
  • etext:17594: small caps contrasted with all caps; small caps marked like bold in text versions
  • chess notation
  • etext:18251: a separate "index" html file, with just the title page, author's preface, and links to the other files; simplified html version for old browsers
  • etext:18459: for unusual formatting and illegible sections, images of the original pages are shown (at the end in the transcriber's endnotes)
  • etext:18567: some sections all in italics, with roman font for emphasis
  • etext:18682: macrons for nasal abbreviations in the original; html version has macrons with the expanded words as mouse-hover popups; expanded in the text version, but listed at the end in transcriber's note
  • etext:18253: family trees, triangular paragraphs