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Volunteers may request changes to the Proofreading Interface or DP Website design or report bugs by submitting "Task Requests" in the Task Center.

A Task Request, or just Task for short, is simply an entry on the Task Center page where you can make a request for a software change to fix a bug, add a feature, etc. Developers review the Task Requests and, with the approval of the Site Administrators, decide if, how, and when a Task Request might be implemented.

Before adding a new task, please search the tasks that are already there to see if a task has already been created for what you're thinking of. If there's already a task, you may add your "Me too" vote or even add a comment. The number of "Me too" votes a feature request task gets, in combination with the complexity of implementing it and how the change relates to the DP objectives help DP Administration determine whether and when a task request may be implemented.

When you create a new task, please create a meaningful summary and a detailed description. You should also select whether the task is a Bug Report, Feature Request, Support Request, or Site Administrator Request. You may also make an assessment of what you think the severity and priority are, but Task Center managers may later change that rating based on their more complete knowledge of the code. If your task is a Feature Request, please select "Enhancement" as the Severity.