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WorldCat is a bibliographic database useful for searching library collections. It is frequently used by Content Providers to locate specific editions of books to scan for DP or to supplement Missing pages.

Many university libraries have subscriptions to WorldCat, with direct links to the search pages for students and employees. Some public libraries also make this search resource available to their patrons.

There is now a free portal called which is a direct search into the WorldCat database created by OCLC members. You can sign for the Affiliate Program and add a WorldCat search box to your website.

There is also a version called Open WorldCat that works through both Yahoo! and Google search engines. To use Open WorldCat, include the phrase "find in a library" along with the title information in your search, and the first hit will be the WorldCat link. You can then continue your searches through this results page. (Through Google, there is a "Find a Library" search text box at the top of the results page, for example.)

More Wiki-quality info about WorldCat is available at Wikipedia.