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Essential Links for Beginners

  • The Project Managing FAQ is a step-by-step guide that explains everything from creating a project, writing perfect project comments, shepherding your project through the rounds and how to find a PP. It also provides advice on how to deal with problems which may occur.
  • Jargon related to Project Management explains specific PM related terms, from '(nopmq)' to 'Uberproject'.
  • Jargon related to Project Workflow covers all the terms related to the DP Workflow, from 'Activity Hub' to 'WW.
  • The Official "No Dumb Questions" thread for PMs is where you can raise any question, no matter how big or small, about the PM process and get quick advice from the other PMs.
  • The PM Mentoring page explains how to find a mentor to help you create and manage your first few projects.

Acquiring Scans (Content Providing)

Before you start as a PM, you need a project, which means a set of scans of your book and the initial text files which your proofers will receive with each page.

Project Creation

'Special Day' Projects

  • Author's Birthdays shows a month by month overview of writer's birthdays.
  • Special Days lists 'special days' which DP celebrates by providing dedicated books, along with links to explain the significance of these days.

Understanding the Queues

  • The Work Flow Diagram explains how a project moves from the first scan all the way to Project Gutenberg.
  • Release queues explains how and in which order projects are released into the rounds.

How to skip P3 and F2

  • P3 skip evaluation explains under which conditions a project may skip P3 and how to request this. A P3 skip will speed up the progress of your project through the rounds, but needs to be considered carefully to ensure it will not negatively affect the quality of the proofing.
  • P3 Skips and Second Pass through P1 Requests contains the current policy and process around skipping the higher proofing rounds in order to speed up your project.
  • F2 Skips Process is an old forum post (from 2005) about requesting F2 skips.

Where and how to get help from other volunteers

  • Getting Help from db-req: There are some things you can't do as CP/PM, or which can be done faster by someone who has direct access to the DP database, such as adding missing illustrations. This shows you what kind of requests you can send to the db-req team.
  • The PF Requests Forum Thread is where you can ask a PF to assist you with certain tasks which are outside your own permissions, such as moving it back into a round after fixing. If you're away from DP for a while and want someone to watch your project, you can also request that here.