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Content Providers (CPs) and current Project Managers (PMs) can use this page to find PMs for their projects if they would rather have someone else look after them once they're in the rounds.

Who might use this wiki page?

Project Managers

  • New/aspiring Project Managers. (See the Project Managing FAQ for info on how to become a Project Manager.) The idea is that projects should have someone actively keeping an eye on them. Project Management is an active process that requires you to be available to answer private messages and forum questions regarding the project so that ultimately the proofreading and formatting in the project are as consistent as possible.
  • PMs who have become too busy to keep an eye on their projects, or will be leaving the site, might also use this page to find someone new to take over. Again, for many of these projects, having someone available to answer questions can be critical to obtaining usable output or even just keeping the project moving through the rounds. Unanswered questions in a forum thread can make a project very unattractive to proofreaders, formatters, and especially post-processors.
  • While all projects should be completely loaded into the system, there may be additional materials for the projects which cannot be loaded into the system, such as midi files and pdfs for music projects. Any additional files should be zipped, with a text file explaining the materials. The zip file should be loaded into your folder on dpscans.

When editing the wiki listing below for the project, please include a note directing people to contact you via Private Message if they are interested in working on your files. Please include the file name in your wiki listing. When the adopting PM contacts you, you can transfer the file to him/her using the Remote File Manager.

Content Providers

Content Providers (CPers) who would rather just prepare projects and then allow someone else to field questions about them should also use this page. All projects posted here must be complete, including ALL page and illustration scans and, if possible, OCR. In addition you must obtain a copyright clearance from PG before uploading your project. The PM will need the clearance key that PG provides, and may need additional information about the clearance. Please don't include the clearance information with the project files, but pass it on to the adoptive PM privately after it's been claimed.

Loading the files

All files are loaded into dpscans using the Remote File Manager.

  • A CPer who is not also a PM should contact db-req and request access to dpscans. The instructions on the Remote File Manager wiki page give details on what sorts of access you may request. When db-req has given you access, use the instructions on the above linked wiki page to upload your .zip file(s).
  • A CPer who is also a PM will already have access to dpscans, and should upload the files as they would for creating a project they were planning to PM.

You can

  1. upload the files to your dpscans, and transfer them to the adoptive PM once someone has volunteered to run the project,
  2. upload the files to your dpscans and transfer them to the Commons folder so that prospective PMs can review the files before making a decision, or
  3. upload the files directly to the Commons folder.

The third option has the advantage that prospective PMs can review the files, and that the system will give it a unique name that includes your username upon upload.

Transferring the files

When a Project Manager adopts your project, you should receive a private message. If the file or files you provided were already in the Commons area, you will not need to transfer anything, but if they're stored in your private folder, you will need to transfer them to the PM's personal dpscans directory using the Remote File Manager's Transfer function.

Using the Project Adoption Center

Content Providers

  • Do not upload any files to dpscans until Copyright Clearances have been obtained from PGLAF.
  • Use the Remote File Manager to upload your .zip file to dpscans. The .zip file should contain:
    • All proofing images and text files associated with the project. If you have not done the OCR, please provide a set of images suitable for OCR.
    • All high resolution illustration scans that the PPer will need
    • An extra text file (call it README.txt or something like that) that contains any information that the Project Manager will need to create the project. Please be sure this is a text file (.txt) so it can be easily opened. Do not include the clearance information in this text file. That information should be given to the adoptive PM privately after the title has been claimed.
  • Ensure the project is complete (no pages missing, all pages readable). If anything at all is missing, stop!! Proceed directly to Missing pages, and wait until you have a complete set of scans before proceeding.
  • Under your name and contact information (add this if it's not already here), create an entry for the project describing where it is (please include file names), and anything else a potential PM needs to know. File name examples:
    • For a CPer who is also a PM: dpscans/wfarrell/
    • For a CPer who is not a PM: dpscans/Commons/
  • Wait for someone to claim your project. When you are notified that a Project Manager has claimed your project, use the Remote File Manager to transfer the zip file(s) to that PM's dpscans folder.

dpscans vs. Dropbox

  • dpscans:
    • Advantage: Everything is stored on site.
    • Disadvantages: Prospective PM cannot examine the files before making a decision if the CP does not store them in the Commons folder, and the CP (or a squirrel) would have to transfer the file(s) to whoever is interested in them.
  • Dropbox:
    • Advantages: anyone can download the file(s).
    • Disadvantage: the adoptive PM will have to re-upload the files to the server.

Project Manager

Before you agree to adopt, and especially before you create a project using someone else's proofing images and OCR, remember, YOU are responsible for the quality of the project. CPers who are not also PMs often have little experience. ALWAYS check a potential adoptee for completeness, proofing image quality, illustration image quality, and anything else that might have a bearing on the quality of the project. This is also true when adopting abandoned projects.

To claim a set of scans that is not already a project

  • Edit this page to indicate that you have claimed the set of scans.
  • Send a PM to the CPer and ask to have the zip file(s) transferred to your dpscans folder. Download all the materials related to the project and make sure that nothing is missing. (If anything is missing, please make a note here and contact the Content Provider directly about repairing the project before it goes any further.)
  • Create the project and add proofing images, text and illustration files, provided by the Content Provider. If there are music files that need to be added, contact db-req to have them moved into the project directory.
  • Be sure to put the DP username of the Content Provider in the spaces for Image and Text Preparer so they receive desired credit for it.
  • Return here and remove the entry.

Projects Already at DP

To offer your project that is already going through the rounds to a different PM
  • Post a note in the project forum that you are seeking a new PM for the project. It is possible that someone who is working/has worked on the project may be interested in taking over.
  • Under your name and contact information (add this if it's not already here), create an entry for the project describing where it is (please include a link to the project page so people can look at it), and anything else a potential PM needs to know.
  • Once somebody contacts you about managing your project, please send a note to db-req and request the transfer of the project to the new PM. Please let db-req know how you would like to be credited for your work on the project to date (i.e., image preparer, text preparer, etc.).
  • After the request is complete, please contact the new PM and let them know that the project has been transferred to them.
  • Please delete your entry from this page.

If an adoptive PM does not contact you, and you are unable to continue with the project, contact db-req. Each such project will be evaluated to determine what's best for the project -- having it continue with PFs monitoring the discussion, or making the project unavailable pending a new PM.

To claim a project already going through the rounds

Whether the existing project was started by an active PM, or is an abandoned project:

  • Evaluate the project carefully. Abandoned projects, especially, often need illustration replacements, missing pages added, or even replacement proofing images.
  • If the PM is currently active, and has offered the project for adoption, contact the PM who has listed the project, and they will contact the squirrels about getting the project transferred to you.
  • If the PM is inactive, and the project is considered to be abandoned, contact db-req with your evaluation, fixes, and request that you be allowed to adopt the project. Abandoned projects are reassigned based on who makes the request first, in the case of multiple PMs expressing an interest in one title.
  • Wait patiently!
  • It would be a wise idea to download the images and concatenated text files and treat as you would a project created from scratch for archival purposes. (Personal lesson learned in the Feb. 2009 server problem--puppernutter)

Projects Available for Adoption

Adoption Info Template

Copy the code for using the CP AdoptionInfo template below and fill in the blanks. Unused fields may be left blank.

{{CP AdoptionInfo
|File Location=
|Claimed by=

It will display as follows:

Title:  Sample Title
Author:  Sample Author Pages:  100 Remarks:  Sample remarks.
Language:  Gibberish Illos:  8
Year:  1909
File Location:  Somewhere on dpscans
Claimed by:  PM Orphaned


The following are all OCR'd and ready to go.

Title:  Pensée et Réalité: Essai d'une reforme de la philosophie critique
Author:  Afrikan Spir Pages:  583 Remarks:  
Language:  French Illos:  Two
Year:  1896
File Location:
Claimed by:  Adair


Salty and Bright


I'm co-ordinating collecting scans of needlework texts from external volunteers, all of which need PMs. Please see the Needlework projects needing PMs page for further details.


Anything on my wiki page is waiting to be scanned. Send me a PM to claim one or ask questions, please. I can also do OCR, but prefer not to do so for any that are in Fraktur.

These are primarily books that have been donated to DP or PG that I am not interested in PMing myself. Languages at present include Danish, Norwegian, and a bit of English.


Cleared; CP work and OCR done. Needs a PM. Message if interested.

Title:  The Legacy: A Story of a Woman
Author:  Mary Stanbery Watts Pages:  408 Remarks:  
Language:  English Illos:  0
Year:  1911
File Location:  dpscans/Commons/
Claimed by:  

Title:  Van Cleve: His Friends and Family
Author:  Mary Stanbery Watts Pages:  411 Remarks:  
Language:  English Illos:  0
Year:  1913
File Location:  dpscans/Commons/
Claimed by:  

Title:  Nathan Burke
Author:  Mary Stanbery Watts Pages:  646 Remarks:  Numbering is off - there are 2 more PNGs than text files - but cannot find discrepancy
Language:  English Illos:  0
Year:  1910
File Location:  dpscans/Commons/
Claimed by: